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computers in a flaw in java software. an investigation is underway. >>> china's defense ministry says a report accusing china of hacking attacks on u.s. targets is flawed. in a statement released today, china's military says the report tying the cyber attacks to a secret-chinese military unit working out of this facility in wrong. the defense ministry says merely linking the ip addresses to the facility is not technical proof. >>> 7:49. some california farmers feel line they are being stunned -- stung. >>> the serious reason a sea otter was trained how to slam- dunk. >>> welcome back. a shortage of honey bees threatening california's almond crop. reportedly more than 800,000 acres of almonds are planted all over california. the growers want to cash in the higher sale prices for almonds but they are having a tough time finding bees to pollinate the plants. diseases that reduce the population and out of stay bee croppers face tougher inspections. >>> this is 16-year-old eddie the sea otter, an expert at the slam dunk. >> he's great. >> sees so good, zookeepers say he rarely missing -- h
got ahold of white papers and e-mails from high-ranking employees in the u.s. government. china's leaders deny these claims and they their country is a victim of cyber attacks. >> translator: 14 million chinese computers were attacked from ip addresses abroad. met of these attacks mumm -- most of these attacks come from the united states. >> reporter: the cyber expert is speaking out. what the u.s. says the government should do in response to these attacks. that's when i see you next. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> thank you, kyla. later this morning, san francisco mayor ed lee and the giants are expected to make a major announcement about a waterfront project. we showed you yesterday about the mission rock development. it includes plans to build businesses and restaurants. the giants own the land and anchor brewing company plans to expand its operation with a second location at the site, the chronicle reports. the port still has to approve the project. >>> mat cain is getting -- matt cain is getting ready for his opening day start. he will face the dodgers in los angel
, today, kfc is launching a campaign to rebuild its brand in china. kfc has 4,000 restaurants in china. the biggest fast-food chain in china. customers started to stay away after television reported some of the suppliers violated rules and used drugs to fatten up chickens. sales in china fell more than a third. the company says it will stress strict management and they will drop any supplier that does not follow the rules. >>> the bay area has a big presence on the "sought today's" miss of 100 restaurants -- on the "usa today's" miss of 100 restaurants on the list. the french laundry is number one. seven other local restaurants on that very special list. >>> all right. it is 7:53. we'll have a check on traffic and weather -- next on "mornings on 2." you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea
an overnight hit in china. >>> a lot of sunshine. it would be really nice. are we by golden gate field? yes, we are. big weekend at the el camino for the preparation of the kentucky derby. >>> there's controversy surrounding a decision made by the pope in one of his final appointments as the leader of the catholic church. he gave the approval for erns van fryburg to become the new head but an investigation shows he's the chairman of a ship builder helping to create warships for the navy. and that's creating controversy. >>> south korea says it has not detected any radioactive elements from north korea's nuclear test early this week. in the meantime, in north korea, people are celebrating the success of the country's third nuclear test. china and japan are collecting air samples in order to determine whether the north koreans used uranium and pleau tonial. if uranium is detected, that would indicate the nuclear program is at an advanced stage. >>> 8:14. republicans blocked a vote to confirm secretary of defense nominee chuck hagel. as kye ba campbell reports -- kye ba campbell reports -- kyla ca
on a field hospital killed 18 in another city. >>> china cyber spies are being accused of targeting newspapers, law firms and think tanks and most of the institutions of washington. that's according to the washington post. experts say cyber spies are going after information on how government officials make decisions, a united states security company said hackers linked to a secret military site in china have been targeting organizations around the world. china is denying it. >>> other news, we have information about drone memos. the white house refusing to share with congress the legal opinions that they say justify targeted killings. again this information is coming in. we will have more details about these memos in a few. >> in a few hours democrats in washington are holding a hearing on automatic government spending cuts set to take effect next week. democrats and republicans are not compromising to avoid the cuts. they are busy pointing fingers. >> reporter: the president blames republicans for these automatic cuts known as sequestration. he said they aren't willing to negotiat
's the year of the snake many floats are featuring the snake in the design. parade watcher also see miss china town usa and her court. >> i am invested in my culture. my roots and i want to show them that the culture is a very important aspect of my life. >> there will be extra police monitoring the event. no parking signs are already up along the route. we will once again show the parade. a broadcast center has been set up. >>> and while the parade is the main event there are other activities in san francisco's china town. a community street fair starts at ten and will be open through tomorrow. attractions include asian dancers, you can also get your photograph taken with a giant dragon display. senate parade route is a bit different because of construction of a new subway system. take a look at the map on the screen. this parade starts at 5:15 tonight at second and market. then goes up to kirdy and post, pow el and sutter. the route will end at columbus and streets around that area will be blocked off so people are told to take public transition. >>> you can also watch that parade here on
york times" says computer hackers hacked from china, the paper said it's now over hauled the cyber security. meantime, china's ministry of national defense denies any involvement in the cyber attack. >>> fox news host geraldo rivera is seriously thinking about running for a u.s. new jersey senate seat in 2013. he said he's been in touch with people in the republican party in new jersey. now, 89-year-old new jersey frank lautenburg has not said whether he will be seeking re- election. cory booker, also a democrat, said he's thinking about running as well. >>> the death toll in yesterday's explosion at the mexico state-owned headquarters continues to rise. we've learned 32 people have died. and more than 120 were hurt. crews are continuing to rescue people trapped by debris. the explosion occurred in the basement and then heavily damaged three floors of the building where several thousand people worked. no word on what caused the blast. >>> ten years ago today, the space shuttle "columbia" disintegrated as it returned to earth a. all seven crew members died and today nasa centers aro
china. they say we are also hearing cases like this in las vegas, new york, chicago, boston and seattle. again we are expecting some type of press conference or meeting discussing this scam around 12 or one this afternoon. we are live. brian flores. >> thank you. the largest chinese new year parade takes place tomorrow night in san francisco. always love those. city hall was in a festive mood with the traditional dragon dance. the mayor said according to tradition an attribute to the year of the snake is romance. you can see it tomorrow night starting at six. it'll be hosted by julie. we will stream the parade live on your smart phone and tablet and dave may send out a tweeter. >> i may. i will be taking pictures. >> great. i'm out of here. >> you having a good time? >> we are seeing some slow traffic there. this is a look at 80 westbound. yes to answer your question. this is one of the better ones. 80 westbound as you head out to the maze. no major problems. as i look at the chp list we aren't seeing a lot of collisions reported. let's go to the bay bridge. you can see that traffi
is on the mission rock project. the project is along the where thefront in china basin park. it's right next to at&t park. it will take up pier 48 and parking lot a. the plan is almost complete on the land owned by the giants. the idea, turn the parking lot and that desolate area into housing for 2,000 people for residents and to be -- and jobs for 7,000 for jobs. the port commission still has to approve the project. but this is a sketch of the chronicle about how the urban village will look. there are also reports in the chronickicle that the -- chronicle that the commission is close to signing off the deal. the giants also says this will be good reeve knew for the team to help pay for rising stars. and there are still environmental impact hurdles to cross. the finish site, still likely seven more years away. pam cook, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> the bay area market for townhouses and condos is womaning -- booming. realtors say buyers are fighting for a limited amount of new and previously-owned condos. investors have snapped up a lot of them -- and are renting them out. median prices
the european markets struggling and many consider china as over valued. however others add that just because wall street is up doesn't necessarily mean that the average american is better off, more than 12 million are still looking for jobs. >> hundreds of people in northern california are looking for new jobs as massive layoffs start at campbell soup. 290 workers were laid off at the sacramento county plant yesterday. workers have made soup there since 1946. one of the out going workers was hit hard. he is still reeling a personal tragedy and is now moving to oregon. >> i just lost my wife and now with campbell's closing i don't really have a whole lot of reason to be here so i'm going back home. >> the plant is the oldest plant in america. parts of it will stay open for a few months. they plan to close in july and will let go 760 workers. >> about 90 minutes from now san jose will start its gang prevention summit. the idea is to have the gang task force work with community members toward the goal of reducing gang violence. neighborhood safety and crime prevention will be addressed. >>>
francisco tradition. lorraine blanco is live in china town where they are celebrating the lunar new year. >> they are celebrating the year of the snake. >> people are setting up for the big five k walk. this is at the intersection of sacramento and grant street in san francisco's chinatown. it is the oldest and largest in the nation. the celebration is the biggest outside of asia. this event here attracts 1500 runners and benefits the ymca's youth and teen programs. i am live with jennifer from ymca, chain gnawtown and she will tell us more about the event. >> good morning. >> this is what we are doing over 35 years. and it is a great event. a lot of youth and families come out. it is a really great route. it goes through the market and back on the street. benefits the teen and youth programs. they get financial assistance and at the y, we have a huge community center where it helps kids, for a place to hang out and everything. we have a lot of runners that come out. over 1500 runners. >> over 300 volunteers that come out. >> chinese new year is a big deal here in san francisco. >> yes,
fosscon in china is trying to raise participation in its union. the foxconn plants make apple's iphone and ipad. the company has come under criticism for workers' pay and conditions at the facilities. now, for the first time, they are allowing workers to elect union representatives. >>> police in turkey say a new york city woman found dead in istanbul suffered a fatal blow to the head. sarai sierra's body was found saturday. she was traveling alone in istanbul and was reported missing january 21st. more than a dozen people have been questioned in the case but most of them have been released. >>> 8:16. the calaveras county sheriff's office now identifying the three people shot to death on saturday. 54-year-old phillip marshal from murpheys shot and killed his two teenaged sons, then killed himself. the teenage teens are mckale law, 14, and 17-year-old alex smashle this -- mckay -- makailia, 14 years old and then 17-year-old alex marshal. >>> chris kyle and his friend were shot and killed on saturday in text at a gun range. police think he may have been suffering from post-traumatic
:00, celebrations to mark the lunar new year are being held across the globe. ♪ >> in china, buddhist monks tolled bells and chanted to welcome the year of the snake. more than 35,000 people in the u.s. have signed a petition asking president obama to make the start of the lunar new year a national holiday. supporters say billions of people worldwide celebrate the lunar new year which is traditionally a time to return home to visit family. san francisco's chinatown will celebrate the year of the snake a week from saturday. this dates back to the 1860s. it's considered the largest celebration of chinese culture outside of asia. you can watch the parade right here on february 23rd, starting at 6:00 p.m. >> you will be there. >> i'll be there. we'll be on the floats. >> i will be waving right behind tori campbell. >>> banned on b.a.r.t.? why some riders may seen need to find another way to get around. >>> good morning. if you are driving in san francisco, still have some slow traffic as you approach the 80 split. we'll tell you more -- straight ahead. >>> is that a woman? >> jason baitman and melissa
francisco's china town for the final day of the community street fair. the event is in its 24th year. people are encouraged to participate in the chinese culture. there will be plenty of food running from 9:00 to 5:00 tonight. and if you missed the chinese new year's parade live on ktvu last night, you're in luck. you can catch a secondarying of the entire broadcast -- a second airing of the entire broadcast on ktvu. and check out some behind-the- scene pictures from the parade. go to and click on the chinese new year parade tab. >>> all right, 7:38. after some cool days, some of the temperatures are down right warm. rosemary is watching the changes coming our way. >> yes, another enjoyable day. today will be warmer than yesterday. the winds are going to die down later on this afternoon. and it is just going to be a great one if you like mild and you like it dry. plenty of sunshine outside the doors this morning. giving you a live view there of san francisco. and a lot of blue going on here around the area. partly cloudy skies over areas like santa rosa. and they will expect a few h
parking rates are going to draw people to oakland's china town just in time for the lunar new year which starts on february 10th. the pacific renaissance plaza parking garage will charge a flat rate of $2 from 5 until 11 p.m. during the week and those reduced prices are going to be in effect until further notice. >>> well, say farewell to coin- operated parking meters in san francisco. the city is upgrading its parking system and wants to do away with those old models of plunking coins into the machines. the san francisco examiner reports 30,000 meters throughout the city could be replaced with the newer technology. and it could all happen this fall under a new proposal. the new meters will take multiple forms of payment, and they'll also have those digital displays. contractors are expected to bid on the project in march. >>> fairly pleasant day in store for your sunday. a live look, just a gentle breeze blowing the 49er flag out over the waters at this time. continuing with the advisory, along our coastline, for the next half hour or so. the waves will begin to die down but it's someth
the capitol of china but the celebration was less flashier. they called for lesser fire works show due to pollution. not only can cathead january singer celine dion belt out a tune she can sing it in maunder ran chinese to perform during a new years festival in beijing. it's the first time an international star was invited to sing at the event. when asked if it was difficult to sing in another language she says music tran sends boundaries. >> lunar new year celebrations are just beginning in the bay area. at 9:00 a.m. they will celebrate with a dragon parade. there is a celebration of the year of the snake also at the albany landmark twin theater. that starts at 10:00 this morning. chinese dancers will perform at the the plateon library at 2:00 this afternoon. >> eyes like a rabbit and it breathed fire. it was a dragon. >> over the next two months vol tuners from the asian art museum will hold story time while their parents browse the store. >> this is called a pop up. the museum has popped up up. >> stories will range. >>> san francisco's chinese new year parade is scheduled for two w
china camp, and two others were in danger of being closed. to keep them open the parks association raised one million dollars. then last summer more than 50 million in state money was found in hidden accounts. that is now being used to match what the association raised and will expand park hours. >> a great white shark has been spotted in the waters at moss landing state beach. a retired high school teacher said he was getting ready to get in to the water when he saw the large splash. then he said he saw a large great white shark lift a sea lion out of the water and start shakingt. he said word spread and soon everybody was out of the water. >>> in san francisco, a famous resident of the academy of sciences is celebrating a milestone birthday today. the african p enguin is turning 30. he is going to get a wrapped gift of fish during his feeding today and members of the san francisco girl's chorus will preform a song in his honor. >> happy birthday to him. >>> furious over flowers, the valentine wishes that never made it. >> and getting rid of the penny. why the president wants
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